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Meet The Solvvy Team

Learn About Solvvy's Origins

Mehdi Samadi and Justin Betteridge met as fellow PhD students at Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU). There, they worked on solving complex problems using advanced machine learning, AI and natural language processing (NLP) technology. Under the tutelage of world-renowned advisors, they worked together on the NELL team (NELL = Never-Ending Language Learning Project). The goal of NELL was to create a computer system that could continuously read the Web and automatically develop an understanding of the meaning of words and phrases in context. Justin and Mehdi then teamed up to work on developing a set of powerful information extraction and ranking algorithms that could extract even more valuable meaning from mountains of natural language information with minimal human supervision.

Solvvy Begins: In 2013, Justin and Mehdi secured initial seed funding from a group of prominent angel investors and moved to Palo Alto to commercialize their research. They also met Mahesh Ram, an experienced and successful SaaS entrepreneur/CEO, who joined the team as Founding CEO. Along the way, Mehdi was recognized by Forbes as one of the “30 to watch under 30” in enterprise technology.

Frustrated by the poor quality of customer self-service solutions, the Solvvy team envisioned a world where better AI, ML and NLP science could instantly deliver better answers to complex questions. This was the genesis of Solvvy’s first SaaS solution - powering a superior self-service experience for customers of leading companies, across every support channel (web, chat, mobile, forums, etc).

Evolution and Launch: Solvvy released its first beta offering to the market in Q4 2015. The success of the early beta led to the launch to paying customers in late Q1 2016. Exceptional customer metrics ensued. Now in growth mode, Solvvy is expanding customer acquisition, building a world-class team, and most importantly, delivering outstanding ROI and NPS gains by transforming the self-service experience.

The Vision: Solvvy’s core technology and platform power an ambitious vision. Solvvy’s core algorithms allow it to rapidly build an Enterprise Knowledge Graph for any business in a matter of hours. The graph takes into account all of the public knowledge about the business and learns from all the prior expertise contained within customer interactions. This graph then powers many platform capabilities, including a natural language Q&A capacity, continuous learning capability, and “voice of the customer” insights. Solvvy intends to build the world’s largest Enterprise Knowledge Graph and deliver groundbreaking business benefits across various verticals, e.g, for Customer Service, Sales, or Marketing in the near future.

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