Phenomenal self-service.
Satisfied customers.

Solvvy creates meaningful outcomes for your customers and for your business.

Customers receive the right answers right away

Solvvy provides great self-service answers to your customers’ questions by instantly presenting relevant and specific step-by-step solutions.

You reduce case volume by 15 - 20%

Transform your support budget with an immediate reduction in case volume. This dramatic decrease in support costs makes you look like a rockstar.

And getting started is a breeze

Setting up Solvvy takes less than an hour with no engineering work required. Seamlessly integrate with Zendesk, ServiceCloud, or

Unlock the power of your enterprise knowledge.

Create better self-service when knowledge is unleashed

Solvvy learns from all your knowledge and delivers smart solutions whenever it is needed. Past successful resolutions make Solvvy smarter every day.

With transparent metrics to measure self-service success

Our results are immediately visible. Your personal dashboard makes it clear just how many cases are successfully resolved with Solvvy.

And leverage advanced “Voice of the Customer” insights

Solvvy intelligently detects critical customer questions with no readily available answer. Fill in the gaps by immediately reworking high quality agent responses identified by Solvvy.

Better science to exceed customer expectations.

Make customers happy with an intuitive experience

Our advanced science understands the everyday language of customers. Customers ask questions in their own words and Solvvy immediately finds the right solution, more often.

With advanced science that gets smarter over time

With every customer interaction, our learning algorithm gets smarter and even more precise with its responses. There is no ongoing management required.

And leverage the expertise of your company’s experts

Solvvy automatically learns from successful prior resolutions. Your company’s best expertise drives continuous improvement in your self-service.